My name is Don Roberts and I "do" wood – constructing and refurbishing doors, furniture and almost anything else made of fine wood.  From my shop in Crossville, Tennessee I serve clients not only throughout Tennessee but also into the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama as well.

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Born and educated in Australia, I later moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I lived and worked for 20 years. I quickly found out that the Swiss are absolutely 100% quality oriented and I readily adopted and fully agree with this way of thinking. The simple fact is that if it's not done "correctly" the first time it simply won't last... and usually ends up costing a lot more later!

During my time in Geneva I built up a large antique gallery, specializing mainly in furniture and other items which I imported from all over the Far East. As a result I became very familiar with many different architectural styles, and especially had an excellent opportunity to closely study the carpentry, joinery and finishing techniques employed by the traditional Japanese and Korean master craftsmen – which are truly "incredible" to say the very least!

All told I now have more than 34 years combined experience in woodworking, furniture design/building and repair, as well as most aspects of renovations and remodeling.

I have a large workshop here in Crossville with a separate spray booth and all the tools, equipment and "know how" needed to build and/or refinish your custom furniture and doors; make modifications or repairs; or perform on-site restoration in your home. I can either build to your specifications, or suggest something of my own design that fits your needs.

Some of my work is shown at the top of this page and there is far more on the Galleries page. The Wood Species page shows the majority of the hardwoods with which I work and it may give you some design ideas. I get a lot of questions about refinishing doors and the answers to many of those questions are on the All About Doors page. If you have more questions or would like to discuss a possbile project, please use the Email Me page or give me a call at:

» 931.210.3676 «

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